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5 Insightful Internal Medicine Health Equity Books to Read Now

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Want to enhance your rotation experience? Here are some health equity books you should read while completing your Internal medicine rotation . This is a changing growing list, always check back for new books!

“An informed medical professional is one that questions and challenges the past, current, and future of medicine in order to better serve the communities they care for.” - Faith Crittenden, MD

In medicine we are required to rotate through different specialties what I have notice is the lack of health equity readings, here's a starter list of some health equity books to help enhance your experience .

Internal Medicine

Another Dimension in the Black Diaspora: Diet, Disease, and Racism

Author: Kenneth F. Kiple, Virginia Himmelsteib King.

Focused on the impact of both slavery and racism on disease in Black people. The book starts with observing pre-slavery era in Africa and then into the slave societies of the West Indies and the United States.

Medicalizing Blackness

Author: Rana A. Hogarth

Focused on the creation of medical theories about blackness in the Atlantic World during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The story goes into detail how white physicians deployed blackness as a difference and used medicine to improve plantation labor efficiency, safeguard colonial and civic interests, and enhance control over black bodies during the era of slavery.

Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown

Author: Nayan Shah

This book looks at Chinese immigrants from San Francisco. It focuses on cultural politics of public health and Chinese immigration in history of racial formation in the U.S. leading to developing of public health bureaucracies.

Black and Blue: The origins and consequences of medical racism

Author: Nayan Shah

Focuses on American doctors's opinions on racial differences and how it affects the treatment of their black patients.

Health Care Off The Books: Poverty, Illness and Strategies for Survival in Urban America

Author: Danielle T. Raudenbush

Focused on how residents who face obstacles to health care gain access to pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, physician reference manuals, and insurance cards by mobilizing social networks that include not only their neighbors but also local physicians.

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